Friday, 12 August 2011

While You Sleep, The Gillard Regime Is Still Stealing From Your Family

In the dying days of world war 2, indeed throughout the last full year of the war, long after it was patently obvious to 99% of the Germans that they were defeated and were facing not just a normal military defeat but an epic, world-historic annihilation, it is interesting to note that the atrocities, war production, institutionalised theft, massacres and cultural rape not only continued unchecked but actually increased in intensity, thoroughness and vindictiveness.

With the authentic fury of the demonically inspired, the Germans embraced their Nazi ideology and exterminated, stole and destroyed occupied Europe in the spirit of the Roman Emperors - "after me, let fire consume the world."

We've seen it in Australia, with the ALP, many times. Hawke and Keating pursuing to the bitter end their Fabian objectives of white genocide and permanent cultural harm- creating the racial ghettoes that plague us to this day.

More recently the idiotically inept and corrupt government of Keneally in New South Wales set a new benchmark in deliberate graft, deception, traitorous dealings with foreigners and economic rape.

And so the gillard regime- illegitimate from the moment that their tame sot of a governor general refused to dismiss them after the hung election, and proceeding from that point to this to destroy our surplus, institute a new wave of attacks on Australia's culture, and to pursue Fabian and indeed communist policies with the aim to hurt Australia (as it was) so much that no matter when Tony Abbott takes over- be it months or years- there will be permanent harm.

ACRE is just one small part of the carbon tax- one of the least offensive parts of it. We could liken it ot the Nazi art theft in the context of the great horrors the Nazis perpetrated. Nevertheless, ACRE is in effect, having begun last Monday, and is already busily funnelling countless millions to underserving pointless bureaucratised dead ends. Dead ends that produce no reduction in emissions, that have no commercial viability, that are funded by government fiat and will vanish like the mirages they are the moment the gravy train is cancelled.

In short, classic ALP courtiers suckling at the teat of the cancerous welfare state.

See you all in Canberra on August 16.
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