Sunday, 14 August 2011

Governing Australia is not an apprenticeship or "learn on the job" opportunity.

Scary as gillard and her junta is, and although it's a silver lining that their sheer ineptness has foiled some of their most disgusting socialist schemes, the fact remains that these people are totally amateur, incompetent and tone deaf not only to the electorate but even to their own enablers.

No matter how big the hint the flabby leftists of the media give them, the ALP ignore it. This indicates that although their public positions are nothing more than a smoke screen for their communistic plans for white cultural genocide, wealth distribution and unionisation, they are genuinely incompetent even at implementing their own communist plans.

August 16th is the first big rally against the "government" and its carbon tax, but then comes the convoy of no confidence on 22nd August. Between those two dates the LNP need to openly commit to the total destruction of the ALP Greens rainbow axis of evil and prepare for government.

One way to bring on an election this year is for the Liberals and Nationals to pursue Craig Thomson over his misuse of union funds to pay for hookers. I have driven that topic on twitter hard but it needs to be taken up in parliament now to force DPP action and to trigger a byelection in Dobell. Then the LNP to toughen up and get Dobell. At that point it becomes a case of taking each hand thereafter to trigger the election we all want and destroy this evil illegitimate regime.
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