Monday, 15 August 2011

Married to "The Mob"

There is a specific corrupt and conflict of interest related reason why politicians and journalists, especially leftists, have "partners" instead of wives or husbands, even when they're married.

It is to prevent the general public from realising that virtually everyone on the ABC is married to someone in the ALP or is a past hack PR monkey for the ALP.

Karen Middleton worked for Rudd, Cassidy for Hawke, O'Brien for Whitlam, Uhlmann is married to Gai Brodtmann the nodding ALP robot for Canberra, and so on and so on.

Simple as that.


The Australian media is far too cosy with its American influencers, and the effect of American cultural contamination has been severe. It has given licence to the local media to descend into pig ignorant, uneducated, uncritical subservience to the worthless political class, to create an unholy self-censoring alliance of immoral destructive parasites. With very few exceptions indeed, a literal handful, the politicians and journalists are not only the publically least trusted class of society but they prove the reason for that distrust on a virtually daily basis.

You will look or listen in vain for the ABC to be balanced in its reportage; you will wait unto death for its compromised clowns to declare their myriad conflicts of interest.

Disturbingly the increasingly hard left Sky News is at least as bad, and the commercial television networks, having lost 35-50% of their audience at most times of the day and night over the last twenty years have become the domain of talentless morons who repeat verbatim the leftoid talking points of the sheltered workshop sponsors of the ALP. This concatenation of spin and malapropisms is a large contributing factor to the pandering welfare mentality that promotes anything in preference to mainstream Australian values- be it illegal immigrants, retardeds, multiculturalism ie white genocide, or any other toxic concept that flashes in the pan.

It is no wonder at all that we have ended up with the ultimate Peter Principle government.
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