Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hookergate, Salvogate, Slushgate

Embattled federal Labor MP Craig Thomson is in further strife after breaching strict parliamentary rules relating to his financial and pecuniary interests.
The Government MP last night updated his register of pecuniary interests, notifying the House about a $90,000 legal bill paid for by the Australian Labor Party in May of this year.
But Mr Thomson – who is alleged to have misused union funds to pay for prostitutes – breached the rules requiring him to update his register within 28 days …
News Limited can reveal Mr Thomson only updated his register after being alerted by Daily Telegraph reporter Andrew Clennell to a forthcoming story on the ALP payment.

First we have Hookergate, where Craig Thomson paid for prostitutes with union funds, in person- his signature and photo ID have both been confirmed. Then he spat on and abused a Christian, a Salvos lady- and threatened to destroy her by naming her in parliament. Issues with women much, Craig? Now he is exposed as having been the recipient of shall we say slush funds from the ALP to keep him from bankruptcy and in the process keep gillard's illegitimate junta in power.
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