Thursday, 18 August 2011

Solar Energy handouts: Do solar if it makes you feel good, but why should the public purse pay for it?

For the record, insider though I am, unless we’re talking baseload scale solar I have nothing to do with it, never made a cent of it, probably never will.
What I see is patents from Australia getting mass exploitation in China. Given that China is doing all this with borrowed money and one of the greatest con jobs in history, this stands in stark contrast to how we would do it here.
My basic point I guess is if we can find money for statues of bureaucrats, aboriginal arts and crafts PhDs, empty offices owned by the ALP and all the rest of the crap that money is squandered on, buying into solar cell manufacture via leveraging the patents, just as China has, would be a commercialisation project that offers jobs, national security both directly (our military is swapping to solar wherever possible) and indirectly (we’re the only nation capable of supplying all our electricity from solar and producing an excess), as well as innovation and science positions for real science not bushwah.

However, solar, along with my real bete noir windmills, has been totally hijacked by every flavour of soft science, arts student, “environmental engineer” and all the rest of the creeps.
Oh also totally OT but #hookergate - proud to have created that hashtag, and the bomb blast effect it’s had!
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