Thursday, 18 August 2011

#Hookergate : Lo, The Endgame Approacheth

For the millionth time with the gillard regime, from their first corrupt day of illegitimate power when the drunk in the governor general's mansion failed to turf them out to create a playing field to their tone deaf insults of ordinary Australians today, #hookergate is just one more example of how gillard thinks she and her claque can just chimp their way through human decision making with a combination of (one of my favourite words) gleichschaltung (coordination ie passive aggressive bullying of the electorate, aided by the coopted media) and bribery.

It isn't working and it won't work.

People want the ALP and the Greens gone. You can forget what controlled opposition like Andrew Bolt trot out. Forget anyone trying to play middleman between you and your fellow compulsory voters. It is palpable that the only remaining adherents to the junta are the welfare scum, unemployable lardblobs of the bureaucracy and the university dwellers terrified of real life. All normal Australians want this regime destroyed. Not put out of office, destroyed. Rare is it in the events of a nation that one hears almost daily how electors want to see a regime unemployed, its leaders barred from office and put on trial.

And yet here we are.
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