Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why the ALP want Australian carbon credits to be property...

Below is the email I received and my original comments as emailed earlier

What is obvious:

the industry overseas involved in selling all manner of credits treats the
Gillard plan as what it is- a SCHEME. The word scheme implies exactly what
it is- a plot, a plan. Not a proper emissions reduction project.

Durban is a grim conference with the whole world's carbon schemes either
already folded or dying.

Australia is shining out for all the salespeople overseas as the last
place left where they can run their unregulated sales pitches and scams.

I say unregulated- what the government claims is great regulation will have
zero impact on stopping the dangerous types of deals because at the end of
the day they're private contracts.



this arrived in my inbox:

Subject: Access Code: 15th September -Webinar on Overview of
Carbon Scheme and Role of Offsets
From: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Date: Wed, September 14, 2011 7:30 am
Priority: High
Read receipt: requested [Send read receipt now]
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a file

Dear Industry Colleagues,

As a build up to Durban Climate Conference (COP-17) ,Climate Connect is
organizing a series of webinars that will be focused on upcoming Carbon
schemes in different parts of the world. Below is a complimentary invite for

Booklet is being prepared and will be released at the COP-17 venue. For
sponsorship and advertising opportunities contact .



Australia.jpg15 September 2011: Overview of Australian Carbon Scheme and
Role of Offsets

Australia has announced a carbon tax regime to be implemented from 1 July
2012 and cap & trade 2015 onwards. The quantum of tax has been decided to be
A$23 per ton of CO2e. About 500 industrial units will be affected by this
tax. Companies impacted include likes of BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Qantas.

Some of the Topics that will be covered during webinar:

. Which sectors are impacted?

. Which sectors will be given free allocation?

. Can non Australian projects supply carbon credits?

. When will international carbon credits be accepted?

Date: 15th September 2011- Thursday
Time: New York 10:00 / London 15:00 / New Delhi 19:30

Broadcast location: Climate Connect Knowledge Center, New Delhi
Duration: 30 mins


Link to webinar: Meeting: Australia_Carbon_Scheme
or copy paste the following link in your browser

Meeting Host: CC Speaker
Meeting Name: Australia_Carbon_Scheme
Meeting Password: climateconnect


Dial in number: From UK ( 0844 84 84 84 0 or 0844 8 360 360 )
Any other country ( +44 844 873 60 60 or +49
1803 002 063 )
Participant passcode:xxxxxxxxxxx "

This is a briefing for the exploiters of the carbon market, overseas
exploiters, just as Tony Abbott predicted, for how they can dive straight
in and start trading in our market. This is the same crowd that has
destroyed the EU trading scheme and looks like wrecking any sensible
trading scheme in California, etc.

We have no regulations in the proposed legislation that will make any
impact on foreign traders doing deals that are of shall we say
questionable value to Australia and Australian businesses.

Meanwhile, 100% locally owned business of my acquaintance are being buried
under red tape in NSW and Vic which is preventing them from selling new,
fully tested and approved, products which could reduce people's energy
bills by 10, 20 or even up to 50%.

Not good.
Another point about this latest insanity of making carbon credits
"permanent" is that, as tradable securities, this directly enriches the
government and ALP-linked businesses.

There are specific exceptions in all the carbon tax laws that say no one
in Australia will trade credits immediately- except for government-backed
projects, many of which are owned or run by labor luvvies...

This 2013 date when they were going to launch it does NOT apply to their
own projects. They will sell credits from their own projects as soon as
the law is passed.

Further, the securitisation of the carbon credits turns them into a
phantom currency, or fiat currency, in other words the ALP carbon credits
become a money printing exercise.

On these points alone the Liberal vision for direct action is so far superior as to make the ALP sinister agenda a sick joke, and another HSUgate / AWUgate / hookergate style scandal and grift in the making.
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