Friday, 22 July 2011

Wind Farms: the arts grant film makers of the Environmental Project world

I work in environmental project design for carbon credits and the phrase "windfarm project" is synonymous with "chasing government money, never going to be commercially viable".

There is a thing called additionality which requires a carbon credit project to show that without the creation and sale of credits the project is not viable commercially.

Wind farms aren't even viable WITH carbon credits because they don't function well enough to pass the verification stage, ie they don't actually make enough energy to be counted.

China is littered with deliberately created fake wind farms, all designed to reap government grants and investment from rash foreigners.

Until recently, the Chinese wind farm was the emu farm tax dodge of the environmental industry. Now no one will go near them except as some sort of government money extraction process.

Meanwhile virtuous and excellent environmental projects whither on the vine all too often.

Here's a simple test: If it needs government money, it's dead already.

Pollution has become a political word and therefore utterly dishonest and just as utterly useless. Emission reduction, solid waste reduction, plastic contamination- these are real. Black carbon soot deaths - this is real. Real and deadly and not getting any better.
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